the (literal) breakdown of the last year

I have been in recovery since the end of May when I finally finished what seemed to be the longest year of life at University. It is no exaggeration when you are told that your last year at uni is bona fide torture. The endless amount of work and constant pressure that we put on ourselves to generate the best possible work is insane.

From September to May our Final Major Project was created. This consisted of a three-outfit collection; research, design, colour choices, pattern cutting, sourcing fabrics, finally sewing the whole thing together. Once this was done: finding models to shoot the actual collection, then directing and shooting a whole photoshoot single-handedly, and then digitally editing and collating 1,000000000000 photos.

As well as illustrating digitally and by hand and curating a nice neat portfolio to exhibit every best piece of work you have ever done.Alongside a marketing report placing this collection in the real market place. With additional branding ideas, store layouts, and designing employees uniform.

I don’t even think everything has been covered, but that’s the general idea.

Regaining mental stability has involved taking a break from life. And by taking a break from life I mean going on holiday as much as I could physically afford.

And now, I am enjoying having a whole world of potential waiting.

waterloo strolling
jumper from &OtherStories, trousers from zara, shoes from All Star Converse

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  1. Great writing and story 👍🏽

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