Food fun

Since returning from some Bank Holiday fun in Newcastle, I made a promise to get back to healthy eating and refrain from spending an insane amount of money (that I don’t have) on dining out……

However, this was never ever going to happen; I just like to lie to myself to make me feel better. 

SO, here follows a breakdown of my dining adventures.. 

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Brunch was completed at the best local cafe, Coffee 11. The selection of traditional and contemporary breakfast and lunch gives it an edge on its competitors. As well, the cakes and pastries are a wonderful bonus to tip you right over the edge when you’re seriously stuffed; great fun. All of the food is amazingly presented making for a fab photo, which is always a big plus for me.

The cafe is a new addition to East Sheen high street, and is definitely a winner in my eyes.


Visit the Website

For lunch, we couldn’t (be bothered to) decide what to order, so a sharing platter with a bit of everything seemed most suitable. I would like to lie and say we didn’t devour the whole thing, but we did… and it was delicious. Safe to say P&P will never fail.


Visit the Website

Dinner was at Timmy Green, located in Victoria, is a lovely Australian restaurant with a variety of healthy treats. The vibrant colours in the food was a treat for the eyes and the mouth. 10/10, five stars, would recommend to the world x

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