I love Zara as much as I love my dog

For me, there is no denying that Zara has become the easiest, most exciting, and most affordable high street shop in the world (no exaggeration).

As a gimpy marketing student, I will now analyse the store in terms of the marketing mix (feel free to skip right past to the pics):


The variety of style the store offers is fabulous, anything can be found in the women’s and TRF- and sometimes/ often in the men’s department as well.

Style: Always on trend

Colour: Don’t fade after wash

Fit: (For me) it is always pretty true to the correct size!


Personally, I would have to argue that it is easily the most reasonably priced brand on the high street. It is not too expensive meaning you can buy 2 or 3 items at one time, and not cripple the bank balance. It is also not tooooo cheap which makes me think the manufacturing aint too shabby.


Zara does a fabulous job of not sectioning a specific demographic, meaning it reaches all types of consumer! Its simplistic, refined style carried throughout the stores, as well as advertising campaigns is most identifiable; generating maximum exposure.


A simple, accessible layout in both the brick and mortar and online store creates a seamless shopping experience! It also helps that there are stores covering London, so one is never too far from my grasp.

Can you tell I love the brand?

Here is the selection I purchased on my last visit, most of it can still be found on the website!

Shop The White Shirt (trousers not available) 
Pink shirt from the Sale, Shop Shoes!
Shop the Jeans!

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