I am backing EVERY vintage store around

I do love shopping on Oxford Street, in Westfield village, or even online; but there is nothing more exciting than a vintage or charity shop.


As a Millennial, it is inevitable that you will have the same (or similar) garment as someone you know, due to the overexposure of trends nowadays; therefore, acquiring some key vintage pieces can just take the edge of that ‘conventional and overworked’ style.


In second hand stores, every garment is individual from the previous; there is no mass production found! This does mean the chances of you finding the perfect size, or fit, is v. slim; but that’s the fun of it. There is little, to no, predictability within at these stores, unlike some mainstream fashion retailers. In my opinion, I have also found that vintage clothing is better quality; it is often donated, and has originated from well established brands like Levi, Ralph Lauren or even Adidas.


Ok… the smell in some stores sometimes isn’t fabulous; but for me, this just adds to the experience.


Don’t get me wrong, I mainly purchase from the high street, but having a few key pieces that have been passed down, or discovered in a second-hand store has jazzed up my wardrobe for years.


The only two jackets I need:


I have two jackets in my wardrobe that I genuinely have not taken off this season. I should mix it up and introduce the rest of my jacket collection… however I didn’t/ don’t want to!

It is important to have those staple pieces that can be transferrable throughout several looks; I may have just taken that idea to the extreme with these two.

The first is a leather jacket I hijacked from my mother. An 80’s vintage jacket: it even still smells vintage. The fit is oversized yet cropped to the waist, giving a proper motorbike feel to the look. I feel like Sandy from Grease when I wear it… if only I looked as good as her. The heavy leather material has worn down beautifully and is by far my most comfortable jacket.

Secondly, I purchased a Levi denim jacket from a vintage store in Brick Lane about 5 years ago. It is still in perfect quality (apart from a few food stains) due to the wonderful manufacturing and fabric that Levi provide. The perfect denim shade complements so many pieces in my wardrobe.


Get yourself down to a vintage store for some diamond finds!

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