Brunching De-brief

As an avid brunch goer, I feel it’s only fair to share my all time favourite places with the world. Brunch is easily done, but also easily done wrong. I, personally, think the trick is to take a traditional dish and give it an edge, or twist, to make it interesting !

I have dined in many different cities/ countries to find the perfect brunch, from this, I have been able to shortlist three destinations that take their brunching skills to another level.

London, Brighton and Newcastle

London is, of course, the first destination, as it is my hometown; therefore allowing everyone for years of fun brunch exploration.

Brew: (now Antipode)

A chain based in the South West of London with cafes in Putney, Wimbledon and Clapham (there is more but I’m unsure where).

This delightful cafe offers brunch until 4pm: perfect for those late risers or hangover days. Their individual menu style is bloody breath of fresh air.

I have two favourite dishes because I can’t possibly decide between the two.

The chorizo folder eggs; They are filling and full of flavour AND exquisitely presented.

The other, it’s the Turkish Eggs. What is this?! You may ask.

Well, it’s poached eggs submerged in yoghurt served with Turkish pide bread and it is a genuine life changer (yes life can be changed with brunch)

Eggs AND yoghurt; it sounds so wrong but it tastes so right. Highly recommend if you fancy taking a breakfast risk.

Newcastle is the second destination, as my home from home. This place has a fabulous selection of brunching places.

My favourite HAS to be Quay Ingredient.

The menu isn’t extensive but this doesn’t stop me from pondering over what to get for a gooooood 10 minutes, because everything is super yummy.

I have to also mention the wonderful customer service you receive; this is of serious serious importance for me. And lastly, it is bloody good value for money!

Brighton is the last place and certainly is not short of amazing cafes. A particular favourite is the wonderful Lucky Beach Cafe.

I seriously have to commend this place for their creative menu. They take brunching to another level.

I had buttermilk chicken pancakes covered in fruit syrup…. O M G just insane. The presentation is beautiful and definitely picture worthy.

11 out of 10 rating for this place!

(Ps. the waiters are fit.)

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