Luxe Noir, the sad truth

It is such a pity to have to write this post, but I need to air a serious issue that I have had with this company.

Lux Noire has a strong social media platform and offers extraordinarily low priced products; two big advantages on the surface. However, they have some serious delivery issues.

After ordering a dress back in June, it has still not arrived 3 months later. The customer service I have received in the meantime has been disgustingly bad. They have provided me with little, to no, advice on what to do about the order. The only help I have had was a response with a tracking number that firstly didn’t work, and then redirected me to a Chinese shipping company (?!?), I can’t speak Chinese.

They have shown no remorse, with no apology or compensation, and even worse they have now stopped replying to my emails about the dress.

I have been online to look at reviews, and found an overwhelming amount of people claiming the company is a SCAM and have had the same problem. I do not believe them to be a scam because I have actually received two of the items I ordered, but I just think they are a terribly managed brand.

I am disappointed by this brand and would not advise anyone to shop there. Please do not risk your pennies and always check reviews before ordering from an unfamiliar company!

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