Weekend roundup

To start off the weekend, naturally, I popped into my favourite local café for a spot of brunch.. but heres the plot twist:

I DIDN’T GET BRUNCH, I GOT LUNCH. And I must say, it did not disappoint.

It was a halloumi and roasted vegetable salad. Normally I would never opt for this, but I caught one coming out the kitchen and it was HUGE: literally the width of the table. Also, after a summer of stuffing my face, I am starting to feel bloated and lethargic so a conscious effort to fill up on healthy fats is a must!

Check out the website here!

So, with a full stomach, I headed to a fabulous rooftop bar in London with some of my nearest and dearest, in my new favourite brand Missy Empire.

This is now a Missy Empire appreciation post because everyone needs to know how fabulous this brand is!

It offers a wide range of day and night wear; perfect for the Millennial age range. Their product range is always up to date with the latest hyped trends. The biggest attraction for me is the fun brand image that is presented; buying into the brand is like buying into their girl gang.

I was fortunate enough to be sent this wonderful outfit, which was amazingly flattering on my figure. The ruffles distract from the fact that I have an almost male chest; this is something I very often search for. Mustard yellow is not normally a colour I wear, however as summer is coming to an unfortunate end, I wanted to keep the warm glow going for a little longer!

Shop the Top

Shop the Trousers


The only issue I had was I kept catching my heels in the bottom of the trousers and falling over. If you are a clumsy Bambi on ice when you have a drink like me, then be V. careful, you have been warned. I may, or may not have, fallen INTO a club (like fully face-planted) and left a chunk of skin on the stairs. So, if anyone goes to the Globe in Notting Hill within the next week, look out for my clumsy residue. 

If you haven’t already, check out their website:


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  1. Hi there, I was just wondering if you had any romantic feelings towards Tom Brodie?

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