London Fashion Week Festival Fabulousness

Apologies for the delayed posting of this!

On Thursday I visited the fabulous London Fashion Week Festival. It was a celebration of the amazing new season that comes ahead.


I hate to use this expression, but… the vibes…the vibes throughout the whole event was utterly amazing.

In my opinion, the best thing about the Fashion Weekend is that people have chosen to be there, not invited, therefore there is a natural and organic passion for the fashion that is exhibited.


Because it was located next to Somerset House, where previous LFW Weekends have been held, we may have got slightly lost on the way there because of my navigational errors, lol woops!

The venue was incredible, exquisitely decorated; my favourite stall was the food (shock)… it was just so aesthetically pleasing! The exhibition hall was like a maze that had to be navigated through and explored, from fashion ready-to-wear to beauty to accessories. Yes, I must say, it was rammed so this flow was often interrupted, but this made little difference to the amazing experience.


It goes without saying that the clothes were an absolute highlight for me; I must have tried on at least 13 different fur coats before realising I couldn’t justify the £900 price tag in this time of financial struggles.


My absolute favourite piece from the whole exhibition was this The Ragged Priest jacket. Not because its particularly outstanding and unlike anything else before, but just because I love the simplicity and fit on the body.

Also, I have a serious soft spot for a lil slogan, and this one is bloody fabulous.

Here is Phoebe doing a wonderful job as the model of the day..



Just to top off the day, I was sent these FAB trousers from Missy Empire.

Chantelle Red Button Detail Trousers

Things that are great about these trousers:

  • The fit; sitting right on the waist to cinch all the flabby bits in. They are also not too wide on the leg which is something I always look for in a baggy trouser.
  • They reminded me of the tracksuit that I designed for my own degree collection. Although I thought I was being so very original with my designs, it seems the whole high street is now selling popper tracksuit bottoms!
  • The fabric, it is rather thick and feels like a good quality breathable material.
  • I also, adore the colour! Especially in photographs, they are so vibrant and caught a lot of attention at LFWF (and I am an attention seeker 🙂 ).

ALSO, everyone is asking my about these unreal shoes that I bought. They are the Lissy Roddy collection at Public Desire. I can honestly say that they are my all time fave shoes BUT they are insanely painful when you’re walking around lots.. but pain is beauty!

Buy them here!

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