My Idol, Vivienne Westwood

On Sunday night, I got the opportunity of a lifetime to sit and listen to the absolute legend, Vivienne Westwood. The talk took place at the Royal Festival Hall at 7.30pm.

Although it is such a large venue, it felt so very intimate; you felt her aura as soon as she entered the building. Every person was captivated from start to finish.

Wearing Rebellious Fashion

In my eyes, she is the most iconic and influential designer in contemporary society. It seems that her expressive designs are a reflection of her insane, and highly intelligent brain.

Her ethos is often difficult to understand (for less clever people like me) due to its impeccably sophisticated background. The majority of the talk was based around the literature she has studied. As a very well educated woman, her reading varied from Chinese Poetry to Aristotle. She quoted ‘knowledge is power’; we can become better than the next person through the enhancement of our brain power.

Westwood believes that we live in a world of ‘non-stop distraction’ of consumption and commercialisation. A way to come away from this, is through culture; reading poetry and visiting art galleries. This may seem so whimsical but it’s the best way to fully educate ourselves in this ever-developing, modern world.


Although I have previously studied her background, it was so intriguing to hear her talk, so personally, about her beliefs about the world; how it begun and how it is run.


I do not have any allegiance to a particular religion therefore her theories were an eye-opener. As she so rightly said, all religious beliefs have come from theories, and often these theories cannot be backed up; or they have a very vague and mythical background. Her theory of world creation, in my eyes, makes complete sense and has been justified through connections made in the books that she has studied.


When listening to her speak, it is almost as if there is too much information in her head (if that is even possible) as she constantly jumped from fact to fact.

Her knowledge is beyond belief.


I could honestly bore everyone with her amazing theories for a lot longer, however I am off to read some more books x


In a world of Kardashians, be a Vivienne x


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  1. Well said Niamh, the world would indeed be a better place if there were more Viviennes.

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