Eating is never cheating

As much as I adore dining at the greatest cafes in town for a mouth watering brunch, I also enjoy the process of forming a wonderful creation myself.

I must say, my cooking is not comparable to those at Brew or Quay Ingredient… however, it’s the thought that counts, no?

Eggs are my weakness when it comes to brunch, there is not a form of egg that I don’t enjoy. A scrambled egg (I’ve said egg so maybe times now it sounds weird) has got to be my all time fave. It is purely because they aren’t unpredictable (like poached), they are healthy, and they are so bloody quick; perfect for when I get hangry in the morning…..And I get, seriously. Seriously. HANGRY.

My scrambled creation is a simple method…

1 egg, 1 egg white and a teeny tiny splash of milk, sprinkled with pepper. I also like to add habanero chilli flakes for a delightful kick in the early hours of the day!

The trick is to do some serious whisking, getting those air bubbles through it.

After, I put it into the pan and fold the mixture over slowly as it starts to form. Then I take off the heat whilst still a bit gloooopy, and leave to stand for 30 secs/ one min to get a fab fluffy consistency.

Here are some of my more recent creations:


When cooking for myself I often find I love to devise a heathy alternative to a breakfast that I have previously devoured in a cafe.

Cheap Eggs Bene

Wholemeal English muffin toasted topped with wilted spinach, slow cooked ham and my special scrambled eggs.

Protein Pancakes

With one banana, one whole egg, half a scoop of MyProtein chocolate brownie protein powder and tiny bitta baking powder.

All these ingredients get blended together (or whisked if ya don’t have a blender). The mixture will make about 5 decent sized pancakes.

Usually I would top my pancakes with some 0% fat yoghurt, frozen berries and fruit syrup!

Sometimes to mix it up, I may serve with bacon which is DIVINE.

OR add the fruit into the mixture and then top with another banana… because I do just love a nana.

My Fry-up (in a pan)

When I just want every ingredient of a fry up but I still desire a healthy breakfast, I just whack in all the healthy alternatives to the components of a fry up, and make a big juicy omelette.

Instead of sausage, I use heck chicken sausages (2 for 79kcals), bacon medallions or Parma ham, lots of veggies, and sprinkle on a bit of cheese for some extra gooooo.

I grill the meat on the George Foreman, fry the veggies and then add the egg, top with the cheese. Then I put the whole thing under the grill to fluff up the whole thing.

Easy, quick and filling AF

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