John Lewis Press Day

This morning, I was invited to the wonderful unveiling of the John Lewis gifting and partywear Showcase for the Christmas 2017 collection. It showcased the very best of Fashion (men’s, women’s and children) and Beauty.


I was, very kindly, sent some amazing garments that were both worn from the new AND/OR collection. Naturally, I adore both pieces, however the red suede fringe boots are the winner in my heart; they are so rather comfy, and I am rather biased towards a statement shoe!

The links for both pieces are below:

Shop the Jacket

Shop the Shoes

It always perplexes me to think that the workers behind this showcase are a season, or two, ahead of everyone else.

Working on a Christmas collection amid summer when its boiling (well, England boiling), handling the new heavy knit scarf and hat (?!?).


……They must be feeling them Christmassy vibes, waaaay before the rest of us!

I would wake up in the morning, and be confused what day/ month/ year it is!

The event was held at The Langham hotel, in the Infinity suite, a place of utmost class and elegance. If my future husband is reading this, I would love to stay here and pretend to be a tourist of London for the weekend, please and thank you.

It oozed Christmas vibes, giving an instantaneous sense of joy; even if it is September, a festive song brings a smile to one’s face. I am also always partial to a greeting of a floor-to-ceiling Christmas tree (and a glass of bubbles).

This tasteful venue choice tactically placed all types of John Lewis product within the suite, it was as if you were walking around a person’s personal room.

The bedrooms displayed the fashion, the bathroom displayed the beauty, and the communal living area exhibited some beautiful accessories and Christmas gift ideas; it was a simple concept, yet so ingenious! Whoever was the brains behind the venue choice, I am currently applauding you (and probably looking a bit weird to the other people in this café).

Each display stand was a treat for the eye and spectacularly collated.


My attention was drawn towards the first bedroom, which exhibited the finest of the ready-to-wear collections; there was an innate sense of style throughout.

The children’s room was playful and joyous jam-packed with delightful treats for the adolescents. A personal focal point was the moving toy lion, for anyone who knows me well enough, knows how I feel about teddies! It played with its ball, showed affection when pet and had the most endearing eyes; we certainly did not have such elaborate teddies when I grew up! If I had a bigger bag, I would of smuggled it straight out of there.

I even got a free cheeky manicure courtesy of Nails Inc., in my current favourite colour (yes, I have a favourite colour, yes, I am 22) Rose Gold. In addition, a GHD stand invited people to get their locks attended to, how fab! Unfortunately, in Niamh fashion, I had it scraped back and a bit greasy, and no one wants to touch that, do they?!


Just to top of an inspiring morning, the goodie bags to the form of a christmas present packed with loads of delightful trinkets. The genius behind this idea is also getting a round of applause from me!


Now, I am off to write my Christmas list (or excel spreadsheet I should call it), I hope my mum is ready!

Merry (very early) Christmas xo

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