Macmillan Coffee Morning

Me, my mother and my lovely Aunty spent the morning at a Macmillan Coffee morning.

The event took place at my current gorgeous place of work, The Bear Kick in East Sheen.

Visit the website here!

In short, we sat and ate an incredible amount of cake at 9am. If that isn’t a version of heaven, I don’t know what is!

Macmillan is a charity close to my family’s heart.

We devastatingly lost a close member of the family to Cancer. My Aunty Carolyn was the most vibrant and joyous woman I have ever come across. She spread joy to the people in her world. The constant humour and intelligent wit caused people to naturally gravitate towards her.

2 years ago she lost the battle to Cancer, and there has been an empty space ever since. No one could, or ever will, fill this void, she was truly one in a million. This life-crushing disease took away my special Aunty, and has done the same to so many other families.

I will forever support charities that do their best to fight Cancer and also support those that are affected by it.

My contribution was some no flour, egg or butter brownie balls. Inspiration came from my good friend Taylor Bourke, check out her insta here for full recipe! @taylormadehealth <-

They were made with blended nuts, immersed dates, pure cocoa powder, a touch of coconut oil and date syrup.

If you have a blender, this is honestly the most simple method!

Basically, whack in the ingredients into a blender until the mixture is gooey, then spoon out and form some lil balls of goodness.

I decided to then decorate my balls in two ways. The first, I rolled them in milled flax, chia and sunflower seeds. The second I melted some 70% cocoa dark chocolate, sprinkled in some sliced almonds and immersed ma balls in the mix!

These are non-bake so the mixture can be spooned straight in ya mouth. I think I must have munched at least half of it before it was formed into my balls.

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