Ultimo Xmas Showcase

Last night I attended the Ultimo Christmas collection launch party held at the St Martins Lane hotel.

The girls at Stripe PR did a wonderful job at running the show, they were welcoming and the most hospitable hosts I have ever come across! A massive thank you to them for a beautiful evening.


It was a truthfully delightful evening that consisted of three main attributes that I hold dearly to my heart: fashion, alcohol and photography.


The venue oozed class and elegance… two adjectives that probably weren’t used to describe me after a few cocktails! For me, the personal vibe that transcended throughout the evening was a key highlight. It was a quaint event, with maximum 50 guests at one time all set in a dimly-lit and aesthetically decorated room.


When the models showcased a new look, each of the guests were taken over for closer inspection, and received a one-on-one explanation of each piece; which was a rather engaging task.


I must say, lingerie didn’t used to be of much interest to me as I have little/ no boobs and very little people needed/wanted to see me without clothes on. However, over the past year, it has become a growing interest as it is nice to feel good underneath what people can see on the outset.

There were a select few pieces that were presented at the event, all of which were exquisite, and I would recommend that all my friends go out and buy! The colour palette reflected the autumnal season we are (sadly) coming in to. Cut and fit is a clear focal point for Ultimo with tasteful design features on all bras and briefs.

Shop Here!
Shop Here!

In terms of the food and beverages, (shock I am talking about food again) I found I was never empty handed.


As we arrived, we were greeted with the most beautifully mixed Cosmos, which was swiftly followed by Mojitos, and then wine, aaaand then the gutter… I jest, I was rather poised in my behaviour (even if we did drink a lot more than anticipated!).

The service was impeccable; they consistently swept the room with refreshments and in a wonderful manner as well, so a big clap for the service.


Alongside this evening of socialising, showcasing and stuffing our face, there was also entertainment. This came in the form of a photobooth and some light-hearted stand-up comedy.

I can’t, for the life of me, remember the comedian’s name so here is a picture of him:


I can’t, for the life of me, remember the comedian’s name so here is a picture of him:

If anyone knows of him, tell him he is a v. funny guy and v. kept us entertained!



All in all, it was a gorgeous evening so I want to say a maaassive thank you for the invitation and I am looking forward to the next fun event!


Girls, please find the website below. You will not be disappointed xo

Shop here!

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