Sunday Funday

A Sunday well spent brings a week of content. This saying could not be more true tonight!

As I enter into my first full week of my Big Girl job, I feel like this Sunday has been a special one.

After having a 4 month break from the gym due to health problems, I am fiiiiiinally back to routine and it feels fantastic! I decided on joining Pure gym as I honestly can’t fault it! The facilities are clean, up-to-date and cater to every gym goer out there. The only downside is that most people also have the same appreciation for it…. so it does get rather busy, n peak times is absolutely NO GO.

Today was my first day in my new fitness journey (lol, so cringe). But I have decided to set out on a new mission to get as healthy and as STRONG as I possibly can.

I’m bored of being a skinny twig, pass me a pie I wanna grow an A$$.

So, wish me luck xx

As well as my fitness, Sundays are really for foooooood.

So here was my divine Sunday lunch at The Boaters Inn, Kingston.

I adored my roast (as any normal person would) BUT… the gamer changer and cherry on the cake, was this:



This is the most me dessert EVVVER…. if I was a dessert, I would be this.

I am now sitting here, slightly upset that I don’t have more of it.

Happy Sunday folks, I hope everyone has a wonderful and productive week!

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