WKND Breakdown

So now that I am a fully employed working gal, I am finding it increasingly difficult to function normally, let alone write my blog. HOWEVER, I need to stop being such a baby and start living a normal life, like everyone else, and crack on with all the things I love to do. The includes… writing this blog, getting to the gym, and drinking until I forget my own name (the most important of all).


This weekend I returned to my second home, The Toon.. and it was sensational, as per. Fab to see all my fab friends, fab Friday night out, fab Saturday night in (yes, I know.. but it was needed), just BLOODY FAB. Yes, I have got issues when I am on a night out.. and no, I do not really care.

Everyone likes to make the assumption that all Newcastle has to offer is nightlife.. but is has so much more!!!! Okay, nightlife is the primary focus, yes, BUT there is also: good dining possibilities, cultural activities, and a trampoline park?!!!! (which I really wanted to go to, but apparently, it’s not wise when you are hungover and full of Nandos)


I also attended a Dua Lipa gig, and I fell deeply in love. She is honestly the most beautiful and talented performer I have ever seen, big love to DL!


A return to the one and only, QUAY INGREDIENT, the best brunch café in Newcastle, also kicked off a beautiful Sunday in the most perfect fashion. We then proceeded to eat our body weight around the Sunday Quayside markets, followed by cocktails, followed by a roast. Is that not the best Sunday? (if you say no, you and I cant be mates)

The icing on the cake for the whole weekend, was returning to London and being greeted with my NEON ROSE PARCEL on my bed! As a previous avid buyer of Neon Rose, getting sent such beautiful product from them was a bit of an honour, so I thank the girls at Neon Rose; you are too kind !


Shop website here

The sad and lonely Sunday evening train journey home nearly bought a tear to my eye, but this turned everything around; so I thank you Neon Rose.

Shop the top

Shop the trousers 

I was inundated with lovely compliments for the paperbag waist trousers at work, which truly brightened up my Monday morning! The tee is also a good quality jersey, I really despise a cheap cotton and this is most certainly not. The brand oozes elegance and class; it is a serious contender to be my favourite fashion company around at the moment.



I hope everyone has a lovely week, and I should hopefully be posting a little more with my life/ fashion/ food updates (if anyone cares).


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