Thoughts of th’day

Sometimes you want to track them macros to the final lettuce leaf, and sometimes you want to stuff your face until ya sick. I try to adopt a 70% healthy 30% naughty… but I am a self-proclaimed fickle person, when it comes to eating. Unpredictability is my middle name (…it’s not, it’s Ellys).

As we approach the end of the working week, I must say the time has shot by.

It has been another mental, fun week of getting to grips and learning exciting things about my new big girl job.

The start of the week commenced with a serious recovery from Newcastle; which required a serious amount of rest and nutrients.

A change of scenery broke up my week, as I have just returned from the adorable Chester! It’s quaint village vibes, highly contrasts metropolitan London life. As a first time visitor to the city, I have to say it’s fabulously fantastic and I am genuinely tempted to move there to start up a new life as a Cheshire housewife…. if any there takers for the role of nurturing husband/ successful business man/ life partner, please apply below.

Outfit choices of the week have still not adventured out the grey tonal colour scheme; I am seriously afraid of colour… I’m sure it is a diagnosed disease.

Neon Rose, yet again, provided the goods with these Woollen Grey Culottes! I bought these bad boys at the end of the summer, as they had a spectacular pre-winter sale. I tactically buy out of season, because most of the good stuff goes out of stock by the time it is actually useful goods!

Planning ahead is key. Fail to plan, and plan to fail. Planning is doing something for the future, so you can do something about it now.

Okay I’m finished with my aspirational quotes, I can’t think of anymore.

They are super comfy and perfect for work, with their ideal combo of smart/casualness.

In keeping with my monochromatic tendencies; here is another outfit of the week. Head-to-toe Zara (minus the shirt), because Zara is a lifestyle that I have chosen to adopt.

This jumper was bought last winter, and was barely worn because I spent the majority of the year in sweaters and hoodies, whilst crying over university deadlines. Because, in case I haven’t mentioned, last year of uni is the epitome of HELL on earth.

So this year, I shall be making full use of this fabulously slouch-fitted, high quality knit jumper. The best part about this pullover is, of course, the fabulous split cuff with lil bow feature; how bloody cute! Oversized, slouch fit and simplicity in design, with a twist, is my kinda vibe (for anyone wanting to buy me some clothing)…..Hint. Hint.

Now, I just cannot wait for a wonderful weekend of debauchery.

Stay real x

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