Shock, it’s a brunch post!

So…… I decided to venture outside of the brunch- comfort zone and actually try somewhere new!!!!

Two days in a weekend= two different brunch locations.

The first: Urban Pantry


A first time visit to this delightful cafe in Chiswick, and it was a treat.

I came across it when I was searching brunch places on Instagram and it caught my eye. Everything was so instagrammable! The food, the bevs, the decor. The visual team have smashed it!

I wasn’t even hungry, yet I still managed to plough through a mixed berry smoothie and pumpkin (yes, pumpkin) fritters with streaky bacon! I didn’t even know I liked pumpkin, but I most certainly do.

What I love about UP is that they change and update their menu regularly; therefore, it feels so fresh and authentic. It also feels like the people behind the menu are passionate about providing their customers with the most suitable seasonal foods!

Millie opted for the avocado smash, with halloumi and poached eggs decorated with crushed nuts. A perfectly composed hi-fat brunch!

Check out the site here

Sunday brunch club was spent in Notting Hill.

After trekking (it was a 5 min walk, but on an empty stomach it felt like a trek) to Granger and Co. we were greeted with a hefty queue. I knew brunch was good there, but that was ridiculous! WHO has the stamina to stand in an hour long queue for food?! My HANGER takes over and patience goes out the window.

Bluebelles on the Portobello Road was our second choice, and, I must say, it was a blessing in disguise G&co was so busy!

There isn’t an extensive menu, but EVERYTHING looked divine and we were so spoilt for choice.

I opted for a veggie stack; essentially, a pile of veggie breakfast goodness (and I love a veggie breakfast).

– homemade rosti, hallumi, avo, tomato, portobello mushroom topped with egg.

Unfortunately, because I was so disgustingly hungry, I basically swallowed it whole and can’t actually recall what it tasted like!

So obviously, it didn’t stop there…

I slightly coerced Andrew into sharing two cakes for dessert… hehe.

This was a toasted banana loaf drenched in almond butter and slices of banana. Just picture that… and start salivating. My stomach and taste buds were giving me a round of applause as I ate it.


The other cake was a lemon and courgette cake; a vegetable and fruit cake… so 2 of my 5 a day!

So yummy, so moist (lol ew moist), and basically a micronutrient delight.

It was a win-win!

What was even better is that Andrew then decided he was too full, and I got to eat his half of the cakes. That is what you call true friendship right there.

Great food, and unbelievable company from my lil Andrew. Boys check him out @and88rew (he told me to say that) (joking, love you Andrew)

A Sunday well spent, is gonna bring a week of content! And what an exciting week that is ahead! Eeek

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