Back dating because these last few days have been crazy busy.

Thirsty Thursdays is the only way to kick start a weekend of fun! So, naturally, Andrew and I had to spend it sipping on cocktails and G&Ts! I honestly think I love alcohol more than most things in life (and it may be an issue.)

We attended a B@One event to launch their new cocktail menu. The event took place in the Oxford Street, Wimpole Street bar. We were lucky enough to get first sip of some of the most DE-VINE cocktails, surrounded by lots and lots of cocktail inspired fun.

Initially, we were greeted with beer and rose based cocktails. I hate beer, but who knew a beer cocktail would be my new favourite drink?! So alcoholic and fruity and delicious.

The hosts were amazing and we were never left without a drink, so a huge thank you to them!

We also got to use an unreal contraption, that prints a picture out of you if you post it to Instagram with the hashtag: LifeIsWhatYouMixIt. So you cam be anywhere in the world and post a pic and it will print out! How bloody fantastic. Everyone knows how much of a picture fan I am; it certainly provided me with a large amount of entertainment.

The cocktail pub quiz just highlighted how uneducated I am about general facts. How do people have this kind of knowledge?! It baffles me. Even questions about the alcoholic ingredients in certain cocktails I got wrong… am I even a woman?!??!! In the end, we gave up trying and just got drunk instead.

Alcohol is almost always the priority.

Anyway, I’m off to google some pointless yet useful facts in prep for my next quiz. Peace x

Wearing my Missy Empire trousers coz they are so extra fab!

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