2 (and a half) days with bae

I hate the expression ‘live for the weekend’ because we should just live every day to the full. Nevertheless, now I am working like an ACTUAL adult (in case I haven’t mentioned enough), you truly do learn to treasure those weekends, and maximise them to full potential.

So…this special weekend was spent in Nottingham, with my most fabulous best mate Jessica.

A well overdue catch up was spent over pizza and wine; because, is there any other way to catch up, really?

For those Nottingham citizens, you are v. lucky to be graced with Das Kino (aka. The BEST pizza place ever).

As a serious pizza hoe, I feel it is my duty to spread the news of any pizza highlights that I come across.

So, build yourself this and start salivating: a thin crust, stoned baked (I actually don’t know if it was stoned baked but it tasted like it, lol) base, with a perfect balance of topping-to-tomato ratio, and a juicy amount of cheese without it becoming a sloppy mess.

I opted for the Parma ham, mushroom, olives and jalapeños.

So. Needed.

The venue is gorgeous with 3 ping pong tables located at the back, for those people that fancy moving around, instead of just sitting and eating (like me) :).

Saturday: Halloween.

Need I say more?

The day started on a serious high, because WE WENT FOR BRUNCH. I heart brunch.

If I lived in Nottingham I would accept that I am going to turn into a whale, because The Pudding Pantry would be my home. The workers would call me their friend, and I would probably install a bed in the store room so I never had to leave. No I’m not being dramatic, this place was like a SANCTUARY. After the trials and tribulations, we finally concluded what to eat; and it most certainly did NOT disappoint.

Pancakes, bacon, maple syrup. DONE.

I wish I could have stomached this beauty, but I think I got diabetes looking at the mug.

Halloween is potentially the funnest night in terms of the getting ready process. I do just love to dress up, and I don’t reckon I will ever grow out of this phase. I will be that mum who pulls out all the stops when the children go trick or treating: I already have it all planned out 🙂 psycho or well prepared? You decide.

We dressed as the Ice Queens with real life ice hearts.

I will admit, this makeup did take us a good two hours to do and the glitter hasn’t officially left my hair or face yet.. even after 5 showers. But, it was totally worth it!

Jewels and glitter pots were purchased from The Gypsy Shrine in Topshop. All together it was very decently priced and definitely worth every penny!

However, the weekend blues have certainly hit my right across the face!

Happy Monday x

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