NANO teeth whitener

Today marks the start of my newest teeth whitening course and I am thoroughly excited!

There is always a reluctance when using tooth whitening, due to the strong carbamide peroxide that is used. It causes serious sensitivity in my front teeth, often causing crippling pain for days after. I am not a dentist, but I am guessing the pain isn’t a good sign?

Evidently, artificially whitening your teeth can not be too beneficial for the health, and they are pretty important, and very expensive to rectify. With this in mind, the risk of using an unsafe whitening could be v v v detrimental.

I have used the same brand since I started whitening my teeth, but after being sent my Nano Whitewash strips, my head has been turned!

After the first day of using the strips, there was very little sensitivity and my teeth seemed to already brighten!

I can’t comment much else at this early stage, but regular updates will be posted riiiiiight here. I will also be posting a before and after picture, once the 28day course is finalised, to compare the difference!

Get yours here!

Visit the website


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