My week in outfits

As the temperature drops and Halloween passes, it’s time for one thing, and one thing only. ITS SAAAAAAANNNTA !!!!

So, in true pre-Christmas style, I bought out as much knit, velvet, and festive colour as I possibly could. (Which probably isn’t a great deal, seeing as I am deathly afraid of anything un-monochrome).

I may have slipped and fallen into Zara last weekend and spent a shameful amount of money, therefore I sported as many pieces as I could throughout the week.


To kick start the week, I stomped about in my fresh kicks (from Zara hehe).

I often find that Zara shoes are style over substance (yes, I am referencing GBBO) as they are ill-fitted and start to rub. HOWEVER, these defy the rule! They have the comfiest flared heel and square toe; making strutting around SO much easier.

Naturally, I paired it with my Neon Rose paperbag waist trousers, because I rarely take them off (apart from to give them a wash). They are comfortable, flattering and easy to pair with almost anything.

Thursday was COLD, so I found the biggest jumper I could. Some jokers asked if I was wearing a blanket… hilarious.. honestly.. har har har.

I must say, it was as snuggley as a blanket, so you could say that it was a slanket, and I’m ok with that.

It was taken from my mothers wardrobe, like a large portion of my clothing;

Sharing is caring and all that.

Bought in H&M last winter.

To end the week, I sported my new ensemble from Vivichi.

I am so in love with this jumper, the knit is perfectly thick, meaning I don’t get particularly hot or cold, because, let’s be real, who likes either extreme?! The skirt was part of a co-ord but it was absolutely not suitable for work. I did also find that the skirt rose up when I was striding to work; which was slightly problematic.

Nevertheless, this is was, by far, my fave look of the week; so perfect for work!


In true Niamh fashion, I rocked up to a working mans pub in the middle of nowhere, for a gig, wearing the most obnoxiously coloured trousers and tight white top.

Attention seeker? Yes, yes I am.

I just can’t resist a bit of Missy Empire, not wearing the trousers would have been a crime! And these fabulous shoes have FINALLY broken in, so I don’t cry every time I wear them now!!!! Lissy Roddy, you had created a wonderful pair of shoes and I am eternally grateful.

If you zoom in on my tee, is says: Cute but Psycho ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ :). Nuff said I think.

And it’s a good job my mates are also, because we unknowingly co-ordinated with our coloured trousers, leather jackets and fluffy bags.


To end the week, I did not have a Sunday Funday; more a Sunday WorkDay. I had to work… on Gods day of REST.


My day started with a treat of a lovely haircut from my fave hairdresser: Mark Strauss (@markstrauss on insta) at Toni&GUY in Richmond. So really, I shouldn’t really complain! The man is a genius and always makes me feel fabulous. Big up my BOY Mark x

I found the most appropriate/ comfiest two piece and threw it on my hungover body. This was bought in Zara last week and I am slightly obsessed with it. It’s sporty vibe is almost not workwear, but I’m gonna claim it is anyway.

About to go into another CRAZY busy week. I actually have anxiety about how packed it is going to be, and I’m already tired in advanced.

Peace and love

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