John Lewis SS18

I do apologise for the absence, sometimes life gets in the way and one has little time to even blog about it! I know it’s a tragedy, please wipe away your tears xx

Yesterday was the John Lewis Press Day. The event took place at The Residence in the Oxford Street JL store. It was a spectacular exhibition of the exciting new product in anticipation of Spring Summer 2018.

I am devastated I couldn’t spend more time at this event due to time restrictions, HOWEVER I still managed to get an amazing feel for what we should expect 2018!

Every collection has already got me excited for some serious sun!! I flew around the venue admiring each products gorgeous feel and aesthetic.

Kiin displayed a wonderful collection with a beautiful colour palette. The vibrant yellow complimented with a dark navy will definitely be on my radar! Also, the heavy vertical Breton stripe will always be a preferred go-to all year round.

Modern Rarity portrayed a minimalist feel to their garments, I can see myself strutting around the office in the Cream blazer! The light knits will be perfect for those cool summer nights (and cool days, if we are being honest with ourselves) in England!

Patternity (not to be confused with Maternity) will be released in January, this collection is inspired by the thought that life has a pattern and those patterns dictate our lives. I commend any designers that use logic and knowledge to build a brand; nowadays, fashion is argued to be diluted with mass production and the over-exposure of trends. However, this concept is fascinating and stimulating; I am rather excited for its release!

Thank you to the team who gave me all the insightful information about each collection. Again, they were faultless and always make the experience an utmost pleasure.

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