drink, drunk

Favourite perk of a night out:

Those supportive girls in the toilet who become your best mate for a brief 5 minutes. You share stories about where you got your playsuit from and how Velvet Teddy is still your go-to lipstick. Lets admit, we strive to feel our best on a night out, and receiving a compliment from a complete stranger tops off that feeling of empowerment.



The worst part of a night out:

That next day anxiety. The overpowering heart and mind, racing when you have little-or-no recollection of where you went, or what you did. Yeah, this is me after every night, that’s why I like to snapchat the entirety of the night so I can piece it all together. And then the dreaded phrase:

‘You were so drunk last night’…..

This is potentially the most annoying phrase to hear after a night out. Of COURSE I was drunk, I didn’t spend two hours getting ready and applying layers of tan to read a book did I?!?!

Yes I was drunk, I was in a club, surrounded by alcohol, dancing like a nutter, because that’s how I like to enjoy my nights out, duh.

I don’t need to be reminded of my embarrassing actions the next morning, I am fragile enough. We should leave those memories on a 24 hour life span of a snapchat story.


Don’t hate from outside the club when you can’t even get in.

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This weekend I was WILD, and went out both Friday and Saturday. I know, I am wild, someone hold me back !!!!!!


Soho was our first adventure on Friday night. We went to ToyRoom and ended up in Cirque le Soir because we cant resist a Cirque night (its the best club in London). This playsuit was purchased on Pretty Little Thing and was remarkably cheap!


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The Saturday we cured our hangovers this BEAUT brunch at Pickle and Rye, and then with more alcohol; resulting in a fabulous time in Clapham. Thank the Lord for Honeyz and this top, without it my night would not have been complete.

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Both nights were fabulous and now I am rested and ready for another fun week! Happy SunDogs x

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