It’s brunch time

Yeah so I love brunch, I am sure I haven’t mentioned this enough times already?

As we move blissfully through the month of December, it feels only right that it is spent feeding myself until I pop and ooze out chocolate chunks.

In true Christmas spirit, I endeavour to spend the month of December experiencing as many new dining and drinking experiences as possible.

Naturally, these dining experiences will start in the brunch category.

The first port of call was a beautiful countryside cafe called The Milk Shed.

This place was recommended to me by a dear friend Ailsa (visit her blog at and I don’t think I have stopped thanking her since!

My cosmopolitan upbringing often deters me from opening my eyes to the countryside as, I will admit, the fields and smells make me nervous.

But alas!

My mind has officially been changed due to this kitchen being located ON A FARM.

As we entered the building the warmth encompassed us, both from the glorious atmosphere created by the staff, and their top-notch heating.

The interior was immaculate, so authentically decorated.

Now the most important part:


I don’t think I have enough of an extensive vocabulary to illustrate how delightful the cuisine was.

Get yourselves here! 

I opted for the Milwaukee rye. This was a thick slab of rye toast, topped with halloumi, avocado, roast tomato, some leaves (to get those micronutrients in) and a sprinkle of toasted seeds.

With every mouthful I could feel my insides thanking me. And, of course, the plate was licked clean.

Lucy, and her unstable stomach, couldn’t hack a large breakfast. Bless. So her choice was a classic yoghurt topped with berries and granola. But this wasn’t any yoghurt, and it certainly wasn’t an M&S yoghurt.

It was a tart and tangy, yet sweet and strong, yet a crunchy and fruity SENSATION. Who knew such a simple dish could be so spectacularly executed?!

Compliments upon compliments to the chef!


Next came a visit to Jar Kitchen, in Soho, the mother of all bottomless brunches. You may be astounded to hear, but this was my bottomless brunch virginity…. I. Know.

When I first heard the term ‘bottomless’ I assumed it was for the food.. but this is better, ITS FOR THE ALCOHOL. Drinking at 12pm? Okay.. yes please and thank you very much.

This place was extra special because you got a starter and main!! At brunch!! Two brunches!! Wow, I just got so excited that I have declined into sadness that I am not having this brunch right now…

Book your bottomless experience 

I know how much of a basic chick I’m going to sound like right now, but here it goes..

The poached eggs were something of a miracle. Poached to perfection. I even took an egg popping snapchat with NO regrets. The egg-sperience was egg-strordinary. He he ha ha ho ho

The last brunch stop was a repeat offender: Pickle and Rye.

Check our the website here

We dragged our hungover selves to the local cafe for a good feeding. With eyes bigger our bellies, we catastrophically over-ordered and rolled out with serious meat sweats, but I wouldn’t change a thing. I ended up stuffing my face with fluffy American style pancakes with streaky bacon and maple syrup. Alongside a chilli con carne and tortilla chips… and maybe a French fry or two.. oh and a smoothie. Can u tell I was hanging?

There is no denying that the food was everything we needed plus so much more.

Now, I just cannot wait for another weekend of brunching and drinking.



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  1. How do you afford to eat at new places, drink and wear new outfits every weekend, whats your secret espech as an ex student? X

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