As the year draws to a close, it’s time to reflect on its adventures. So let’s grab a tissue and think about all those fun/ upsetting/ life changing moments… mine, not yours 🙂

To sum up my year in two words:


I’ve drunk enough alcohol to shower a small village for 6 months; my liver and I are currently in the process of a divorce (endless apologies, liver). I enjoy alcohol, ok?


As a firm believer that your 20s are the years to party,  I BLOODY WELL WILL PARTY. Most days I can’t distinctly remember because I was either drunk, or hungover and now most of my brain cells have been most definitely been frazzled.


I’ve had copious amounts of breakdowns.. most of them, about having nothing to wear. But some with regards to uni; I worked my teeny ass off at completing my degree, and even got the chance to exhibit at Grad Fashion Week! Woo, yay me!


I made some incredible memories with friends that will last a lifetime; attended fashion and beauty events.. and even managed to travel to some exquisite places on my summer of fun.

And now..somehow.. I’ve managed to bag myself an unbelievable job!!!! YAY ME, AGAIN!

Upon completion of my degree, I could have never predicted that I would be sitting here (on the 28th of December), on the train into a full-time job as a Sales and Marketing Executive at a Luxury Travel Agency!!! What the bloody heylllllll!?? Full time employment has got me in its claws and ain’t letting go! I couldn’t have anticipated what a lucky chick I was going to be landing this unbelievable job.

So let’s dive into 2017:

Starting at the very beginning of the year, I was dancing around in some rather near-the-knuckle outfits. And yes I loved it 🙂 cuff me.

We made an undeniable bond, as we shook our ass in those face’s that weren’t the biggest fans of our outfits. We had a bloody laugh.


January to June: my life was encompassed by that goddamn degree.

As aforementioned in a previous post, it was the embodiment of HELL ON EARTH. The draining efforts to create a full collection: from concept, through creation, and to the final marketing report, exhausted every possible part of my mind and soul.

I learnt a lot, the biggest lesson was: DON’T DO A FASHION DEGREE. All that hard work, and 70% of ignorant people still tell you it’s a ‘doss course’. *eye roll to the back of my head*

There was constant battle that you weren’t good enough; a strive to perfection that no one could realistically achieve. This leads me swiftly on to the next big part of my 2017, which was (and still is) probably the biggest event, that only my closest of pals really know about.

An unfortunate, unhealthy eating habit.

As a competitive gymnast from the tender age of 11, being the perfect body shape and weight has been indoctrinated into me. I have been an avid carb-avoider, food-diary fanatic and calorie counter since about 15; so basically….a disaster waiting to happen.

Now…add in to the mix: anxiety-levels through the roof, degree stress, a part-time job that only employed good-looking girls, running on 3-4 sleep for 6 months… and you guessed it, the disaster struck.

My weight/ mood/ confidence dramatically dropped and I became a shell of my former self. I got to the weight I was as a gymnast.. when I was only 14.


I LOVE food, but my love for food turned into an unnatural obsession; and this obsession overwhelmed me. I was put on a gym ban, I wasn’t even allowed to go on long walks. All because my heart rate was below even the borderline for a slow rate and I should have technically been hospitalised. Going to the extreme lengths to be perfect, ultimately caused destruction.


…Okay, enough, put your violins away now.

With the help of those rather clever professional people, and of course my amazing friends n family, I am (nearly) back to a normal-level of obsession with food. One thing I have most definitely learnt, is that being happy and healthy is SO much more worthwhile than being the skinniest chick; and growing something that almost resembles boobs has been MINT.

Me + Food = Happiness

The journey is most certainly not over, and possibly won’t be for a while; but that’s what 2018 will be for. I have never been more excited for the future, and the endless opportunities that are yet to come.

As my dad always says, life is too short…. So, let’s seize 2018 and smash it!

Vive ut vivas xxxxx

(Live that you my have bloody life bitches)

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