So long Xmas x

Christmas is over and it’s January time. Now.. you have two options:

  1. Cry yourself into oblivion to numb the sheer agony caused by the fond farewell as you waved goodbye to the festive season
  2. Think of it as an opportunity to reflect and evaluate 2017 and think about how to approach a fresh start.

I’ve decided to do a bit of both.

2017 was a wonderfully special year, and I’m rather buzzed to continue all of the fun into this year!

As it is now the 2nd January, I’m on a mission to complete damp Jan (yeah, can’t do dry.. who likes DRY?! Ew. Gross…) I am hanging up my party boots and commencing my fitness plan.

Basically… I pledge to be a fitness guru by the end of the month. Yes, I know I am that stereotypical gal, with all the best intentions of a health kick, that start and ends within 3 days. At least I have the intention though….

Now that I am mourning  the boogie, let’s reflect on all those fun, festive outfits that were worn in the month of December.

These two outfits were both topped off with pieces from The Fashion Bible. I was sent these within those random days between Christmas and New Years; it was like a lil extra present from Santa!

Both tops I have fallen head over heads with.

The white lace bodysuit is something I have been SEARCHING for, for about 4 months. Finding the perfect lace leo seems to be a military operation AMMI RIGHT?!

The cropped, printed tie shirt was another gorgeous piece I received. Its best feature was the length; often crop tops can expose those unwanted parts of the body, but this seems to sit perfectly and tie just above the jeans waistband. Thank you The Fashion Bible, you are great.

Shop Here at The Fashion Bible 

This top was, naturally, pieced with my gorgeous new addition to the family: my BAG. If you are a close friend I may have chewed your ear off with the story of the miracle bargain. However, I won’t bore anyone else with the story, don’t worry.


This two piece was a combination of a (VERY) low-back bodysuit and tight flared trouser from Pretty Little Thing. I would recommend tit tape for this top; even a flat-chested chick like myself struggled to contain the babies inside the top.

I am rather partial to a two piece, even as a child I was barking orders at my parents for my clothes to be ‘MATCHIN MATCHIN’ (direct quote from 3yo Niamh)


Another PLT get-up was my NYE outfit: An extreme oversized, pink satin jumpsuit from the Kourtney Kardashian collection. I am an attention seeker through and through, this outfit was my calling. I’m not a fan of blending in on a night out. The colour is epic, although categorically garish and the material hit the light in a sensational way.

In hindsight, it could be seen as a glorified pyjama set… who doesn’t like to be comfortable?!

Shop Here at PLT

It is, most certainly, jumper season. So… yeah, I acquired 3 new black jumpers 🙂 judge me 🙂

Please find below the reasoning for my excessive behaviour:

  • Black is life
  • Jumpers are comfy

….Thats all I can think of.


The first was from Rebellious Fashion; a brand I will swear by until ma dying day. Every visit to their website I come across a new glorious garment. They know their audience, they can bloody well cater to it!

Shop Here at Rebellious Fashion

Both the hoody and jumper are from the newest brand on my radar: Cats Got The Cream. The style of the clothing from this brand is right up my street. All tops seem to have an oversized, grunge feel to them. This is the style I designed for in my collection, because slouch is the new corset.

As previously mentioned in a past post, the slogan tee is making a comeback; and I LAV it. The prints they provide are humorous and original.

Shop Here at Cats Got the Cream

Even if I won’t be partying the month away, I ensure to have copious amounts of fun, in other ways. Life is too short to restrict yourself… unless for a very good reason!


Peace and Loving, Happy 2018 x

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