r u in or out?

My all-time favourite pastime is eating out; whether it be in a Michelin-star or a Nando’s, I THRIVE off it. Nevertheless, concocting a delicious homemade meal can be equally as satisfying, and, in true Dry January style, this is the option or which myself and many around have opted.


So, what is sincerely better, in or out?

Paws for Coffee in East Sheen 

When it comes to the decision between cooking and letting someone cook for me (in a restaurant, not homemade cooking- I can do that myself thanks), I find there are advantages and disadvantages to both.


Cooking myself:

  1. I know what I am putting into my food; for those attempting a healthy January, this is the biggest deterrent from dining out: who knows WHAT is in your food?! You can’t shadow the chef whilst he pours that bucket of oil onto your eggs.
  2. I get a secret satisfaction when it tastes half decent; this happens a good 90% of the time. Dear potential husband, I am going to make a wonderful wife J
  3. It often is a great deal quicker to make it yourself (especially those simple meals I have the capacity to make)
  4. You can avoid that hangry stage often staged in a café when that irritating waiter gets your order wrong for the 7th time (7 is maybe an exaggeration, but…. dramatic effect and all that)


Dining out:

  1. More often than not, it tastes a hell-of-a lot better than homemade food; I am humbled to say that my poached eggs will be forever non-comparable to those made in a café
  2. The variety is typically extensive, with options you may not try at home. Being the adventurous woman that I am, trying dining on new cuisine is a particularly marvellous notion
  3. You can simply relax and let the food be delivered to you with minimal effort; a serious plus when accompanied with those alcohol shakes
  4. There also comes a hangry phase when cooking for yourself: your efforts go to shit, the food burns, and you end up breaking down over that deceiving unripe avocado


All in all, both sides present valid arguments.

The Olympic Cinema, Barnes 

A perfect weekend (in January) constitutes of the following:


  • Friday: SKIP out of work and into the arms of a delightful bar/ restaurant, sink a bottle (or two) of wine, pick at some tasty AF nibbles, and suddenly I am white-chick wasted, woops


  • Saturday: Roll out of bed- about midday (with a rather fuzzy head), slip off to brunch; spending a strong 2 hours steadily feasting, then taking my lil pooch for a walk attempting to burn off my brunch-baby and finally spending the rest of the day napping and online shopping



  • Sunday: I wake up as fresh as a daisy, cook up a breakfast storm (or go out if I am feeling rather lazy), head to the gym or go for a quick trot around Richmond park, and finally spend the rest of the day preparing for a wonderful week that follows.


In other words, my weekend priorities consist of food and wellness (lol, wellness, what a ponce).

Christopher’s, Soho

This month, I have made a conscious effort to choose the cooking myself option, mainly due to fund restrictions, and also to encourage that healthy January lifestyle.


Here follows a breakdown of my simple recipes concocted recently:


Protein pancakes:

Quickly whisked together using 1 small banana, 1 egg, ¼ cup of oats, 1 serving of vanilla whey protein, a sprinkle of cinnamon and ¼ tsp of baking powder (for that riiiiise). This typically makes 5 small(ish) pancakes to stack.


These were topped with 0% fat greek yoghurt, 1 tsp of white chocolate grenade spread, un-frozen frozen berries and a squeeze of date syrup.


Today I prepared for my working week ahead; breakfast, lunch and a post-gym snack.


I make 4 meals, instead of 5, to account for a sneaky off-day when I crave something naughty for lunch. A new logic that I have adopted (slightly indoctrinated into me by my dietician) is that enjoying making those healthier decisions throughout the week is much more advantageous that forcing a restrictive diet as this restriction ultimately leads to binging and overeating.


So here goes my working week of food:


  • Breakfast-

2 days of chia pudding with frozen berries and reduced fat granola.

3 days of 40g oats with ½ serving of chocolate brownie protein powder with a drizzle of pip and nut almond butter


  • Lunch-

Each day comprises of a ¼ bag of wheatberries, lentils, leaves and cucumber topped with a mixture of protein (because I hate being bored and resenting my food). 2 days of sweet chili chicken, 1 day of BBQ chicken and 1 day of smoked mackerel


  • Post gym snack-

Protein (or poo) balls (inspo: TaylorMadeHealth)

I blitzed nuts, dates and raisins in the nutribullet and mixed in 1 serving of choc diet whey protein, 1 tbsp of cocoa powder and 1 tbsp of date syrup


I will most likely bring another snack with me (because I am just plain greedy) and a portion of fruit.


Having these made at the beginning of the week lessens the burden of those Monday blues.


Preparation is KEY, I am sure!


Have a wonderful week y’all xoxo


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