So long January

January is finally over, and what a dry month it’s been. Not dry in the alcohol sense per se; more the overall Jan Vibe… D R Y, Sahara Dry.

Like that feeling in your mouth when you wake up hungover and your past- self forgot to bring up the water.

Nevertheless, vital lessons have been learnt in January:

  • My hangovers are officially worse than EVA BEFORE (or am I just more dramatic?…. I am unsure of the difference)
  • It is not a necessity to party on a weekly basis. Weekends can be fun-filled with other activities ! (Mine were majority brunch related hehe, what were yours?)

The scarce times I did decide to make a beverage-fuelled outing, I made an Asda-Extra-Special effort with my outfits.

The first weekend, I was a naughty outfit repeater in my go-to ‘The Fashion Bible’ lace body. This piece spices up any casual ensemble; slipping straight into every girls’ favourite category: a Nice top and Jeans.

I chucked over my favourite black fur coat and paired my leather trousers from Urban Outfitters; I have a soft spot for mixing textures especially fur, leather and lace.

The second outing, I threw on an Oversized dogtooth blazer from Rebellious Fashion. This style can be worn for both day and night time; and who doesn’t love a versatile piece?!

Under my gorgeous jacket, I wore an oversized white vest from H&M, and jeans, bought from Zara last year that still hold a dear place in my heart, with a black leather Zara boot.

And so this weekend rolled around and every Dry January intentions were sufficiently expelled. It was quite possibly THE messiest weekend since Marbella. In no better place than… Leeds

The activities started on Thirsty Thursdays, when ‘a few casual drinks’ turned into 3 bottles of prosecco, 6 cafe patron shots and copious G&Ts. Someone tell me: Why. Can’t. I. Stop?!

On the bright side I got the chance to sport my new fur jacket from Crave Closet. An Irish online boutique, with a penchance for boujey AF garments.

Many names have been given to me as I stride the streets of London, two of my favourite are:

⁃ Cookie Monster

⁃ A bird

I like both of those things, so thank you 🙂

On this occasion, I styled the jacket with a simple white tee, black diamanté Parisian Wholesale jeans and a black heeled boot.

Since then, I have thrown this jacket over any work outfit I can find, bleary eyed at 7am.

Friday was another casual (/ not casual at all coz we don’t have an off button) night of ‘dinner and drinks’. Naturally,

yet another Rebellious Fashion garment was worn; standard. This satin printed mustard body has a beautiful 3/4 sleeve, this stops me dipping it in food.

I paired this with my Topshop leather skirt and trusted Aldo nude suede heels.

And then followed my favourite part of every weekend: BRUNCH. One of those extra special brunch…. WITH BOTTOMLESS PROSECCO !!!

Here, I sported I my ‘The Fashion Bible’ tee and hat. These were pieces with black jeans and Zara leather pointed stiletto heeled boots.

As the day rolled into the night (and I most likely did roll into it) we entered the big leagues.

Crave Closet provided the gooooodz once again with this silk look lace-up jumpsuit. A playsuit is my go-to and I don’t particularly like an exposed leg due to the fact that I regularly fall over and bust open my knee/ ankle/ shin. I find a jumpsuit the most flattering style for my figure as I have minimal boob and a rather long leg: I don’t quite know why this equates to a jumpsuit being the most flattering, but it seems to work for me!

Looking forward to a slightly more exciting February as Fashion Week approaches !!!!

Peace and luv xo


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  1. Interesting blog this month Neem, however no mention of the scouse piece of ass in your life?

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