Budget brunch

After the festive period swallowed my bank balance whole, I am still in financial recovery and recuperation. For this reason, brunch has taken a more ‘stay-at-home-coz-ya-poor’ approach.

Last week, we cooked up a storm. Well quite frankly, Lucy did most of it and I sliced the bread- but let’s not get pedantic about it. Nevertheless, we made that award-winning trio: BAE on sourdough.

The bacon was perfectly incinerated on the George Foreman, and chopped into teeny tiny pieces, before sprinkling on. The avo was smashed with a dash of lemon juice and habenero chilli flakes.

Lest we forget the piece-d’resistance: those perfectly poached eggs. Lucy can take full glory for these babies- bravo and hats off to her. I even recorded an egg popping snapchat with less-than-no shame.

In anticipation of pancake day (aka the most spectacular celebration created), I decided to get some practise in.

These pancakes were whipped up with ground oats, baking powder, 1 egg, 1 scoop of vanilla protein, and unsweetened almond milk. I topped with Pip and Nut almond butter, banana and blueberry compote. The compote was concocted using reduced frozen berries in a pan, mixed with a squeeze of lemon juice and drizzle of date syrup.

This pancake day, I endeavour to enjoy a full day of cake-in-a-pan related activity. Let’s see how many I can get in my belly.

All this talk of food, and now I’m ravenous. Time for a snack 🙂

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  1. theanatomyofhappiness101 February 11, 2018 — 7:01 pm

    Enjoying this blog! I run a more scientific type of blog but you may still want to check it out for some inspiration 🙂

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