TBP x 21 Buttons

Saturdays are for day drinking and Sundays are for napping- I’m sure I was taught that at school?… 


LFW has come round once again and I have managed to sneak out to a few festivities.

This Saturday was spent at a priceless LFW event: TBP Hangout.

The Blogger Programme teamed up with 21 Buttons to host a joyous day of beauty, fashion and drinking- a trio so perfectly matched.

For those who might not have come across ^ these two ^ names before (firstly, shame on you) here is some insider knowledge:

TBP is a marketing agency, designed to engage brands and influencers with each other, in order to streamline outreach and form interconnectivity between the two. 21 Buttons is an app for every Millennial that spots that killer outfit on social media and consequently spends hours on end, trawling the internet to source it. The app allows you to click straight through to the link to purchase! Genius.

If you haven’t already, sign up here…. oh, and follow me 🙂 21Buttons


I sported an outfit supplied by the amazing ikrushfind it on my 21 Buttons. A satin, black tie front top, and pin-striped tight fit flare trousers, was matched with ye’old faithful heels from Lissy Roddy’s collection at Public Desire.

Shop the website

Partners of the event included the likes of The Gypsy Shrine, Ardell, Cluse, SO?…. and Thomas Sabo. A grand thank you to all those brands, for topping off the most perfectly, perfect day. 


Look how cute this illustration is! ‘Oh Deer’ is the home to quirky illustrated design led gifts. . The company had their very own in-house artist mocking up drawings and this mine. Highlight: the Niamh necklace! Heartbreaking cute.

In my opinion there are two important factors at an event- The drinks and the music.


Here, I present my theory:

Drinking makes people fun, fun people have fun at events, fun people spread their funness to others… effectively creating an enchanting environment for all. The music, in turn, plays its’ part of heightening spirits, and moving the mood through each tune played.

Well, this event certainly ticked both of those boxes.

When you are greeted at an event with a G&T, can you really complain?

As the drinks were in abundance, and the playlist was touch of both R&B and commercial house, those two important bases were covered.


I have a special mention to the wizards at Nicky Clarke that performed genuine magic to transform my hair! I wish I had their hand skills….

Oh and how could I EVER forget: the FOOD.

Surrounded by cake and confectionary supplied by Creme Velvet for a whole day= HEAVEN. A personal favourite were these mini Red Velvet pieces.. if I was alone in a room with them, a large quantity would be dusted off in less than 10 minutes.


Bumping into this beauty was an absolute delight! For all those that haven’t already head over to www.eggsavoandames.com and check out Amy’s blog- you will not be disappointed.

I also got to take my best friend @gracexranson along with me, making the day one hell of a treat. 

Overall, the day was a strong 11/10. Thank you to the amazing people who created such a fun-filled day; you are incredible human beings, give yourself a pat on the back (and maybe a hug).


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