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Protein World you are very special to me right now.

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I have been gifted this GINORMOUS box of goodies that are all part of the Slender Plan. I am slightly overwhelmed/ stressed about how to approach trying every product in a steady and sensible manner.

I don’t do steady or sensible.

Below is my brief and honest feedback as an initial test of the products.

  • The Slender Pancakes: no argument the best and tastiest mix I have tried and SO easy to make!
  • The Slender Porridge: divine and saves me the job of measuring out my oats and protein powder for work every Sunday – this may sounds easy, but it takes me a good 30 mins getting my portion correct (coz I’m a spaz)
  • The Slender Blend:CHOC MINT BANGS
  • The Slender Bar: you ain’t slender at 22.9g of carb in such a teeny bitesize piece. BUT you take a while to eat because of the serious CHEW. Meaning I don’t thoughtlessly shove in the whole bar @ once. They are also mint pre-Gym or mid afternoon when you need that sugar boost! Oh, and both flavours are scrumptious.
  • The Slender Tea: I am partial to a herbal tea; they feel good for the soul. This tea is essentially green tea (and some added healthy herbs). I feel restored with every sip I take.
  • All the tablets have been used regularly and I’m just waiting patiently for the magic to happen…..

The pancakes were, naturally, my primary focus of the entire delivery.

Yes, it’s a week after pancake day… but why should there only to be a mere one-day-a-year to celebrate such a delightful food group?! (Yeah, I consider them another food group- n what?)

For a while I was mundanely whisking 1 banana and 1 egg white together, (due to my calorie and carb fear) consequently leading to whining and tears because the pancakes were soggy yet incinerated….

Here’s the moral of the story:

Add substance to the mixer, aka. Protein powder or oats, and watch the pancake form like a beautiful growing flower. Seems logical, doesn’t it? My pancake skills are ever-developing. Granted, they are not perfect but give me a few more practise and watch me SOARRRRR.

So this week, I knocked up these taste sensations.


First up: PB+B pancakes.

The 50g pack, with just under 100ml water and 1/2 teaspoon baking powder, provides this beautiful stack of (rather thin) pancakes.


Conclusion: must add more baking powder and maybe ground oats.

I topped with 1/2 a banana, 1 teaspoon of Pip and Nut almond butter, and 30g of crushed walnuts and cashews. I love a Nut.


The second: A yoghurt vibe.

These were smothered in Total 0% yoghurt, raspberry compote (made by heating up frozen raspberries and mixing in lemon juice) and chucking on a couple cashews for a decent crunch.

After pancake challenge 2.0, I diverted my attention to OATS. I, admittedly, have a turbulent relationship with oats. For weeks on end I can devour bowls on bows, and then… suddenly… 

We break up.

It’s like a boyfriend that just keeps making and breaking up, and you allow it because you’re so in love.

ANYWAY.. this week we have fallen back in love, but we are taking it slow. I tried and tested my Slender Porridge golden syrup flavour.

I scooped in a 30g portion, covered it in water, and banged in the microwave- with regular checks to the consistency. When still mildly undercooked, leave to stand for 30 secs (or as long as you can resist)

I topped with a sprinkle of chia, a handful of goji berries, chopped nuts and coconut curls. This bowl was so bloody aesthetically pleasing, it was quite heartbreaking to eat.


I will be avidly posting my delicious creations on a regular basis (once I develop my already amazing skills).

Next up: açai and Slender Blend smoothie bowls, chilly oats and American style pancakes.

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