A weekend eating in Scandinavia

Greetings, and firstly I do apologise for the lack of postings- it’s fair to say life has been pretty busy! I will be making a conscious effort this week to update you on the exciting adventures I have recently been on.

I was lucky enough to travel around Scandinavia for work- visiting Sweden to a small town called Osby, and Copenhagen.

I had all the best intentions of eating well for the trip, but who was I kidding…

All set and ready to go, I munched on a Tropical Smoothie Bowl at the airport. Made with with mango, papaya and pineapple topped with Chia Seeds, melon and Granola. ReFRESHing, and super tasty. Naturally, I couldn’t stop there.. as I picked up an almond croissant and coffee for the plane.

After a violent nightmare journey to Osby, we were ultimately rewarded with a world class dinner hosted at, what I can only describe as, a Western Movie Set.

The evening was kicked off, in a non-conventional order with having chocolate first!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 You can imagine my utter delight! I bloody love chocolate.

And it wasn’t just chocolate tasting, it was a chocolate lesson! I mean… is there anything better than learning about the greatest thing Joesheph Fry discovered?! The chocolate ranged from 90% all the way through to white; there was even leopard print truffles! :O

We were soon after served a delicious (and unnamed) meat (we suspect it was reindeer) with fresh vegetables and creaaaaamy mash.

After, we enjoyed EVEN MORE sweetness with a section of desert goodness including a profiterole doughnut formation.

The food chronicles continued as we left Sweden and headed to Copenhagen. Here, we opted for a carb-loaded Burger joint; Cox and Kings. I am still salivating the thought of my breaded halloumi beef burger with aioli with crispy curly fries.

What is a hotel without a good buffet breakfast?! SP34 offered much more than your traditional fry, with an eclectic selection of yoghurts, over night oats, and pumpernickel bread. It was a health-conscious brunchers PARADISE.

Dinner for our third night was enjoyed at MASH. A place renowned for its exquisite steak. A munched on a medium-rare (obvs) sirloin with creamed broccoli, mushrooms and cauliflower.

A meal is certainly not finalised without a dessert. This sensation was a peanut butter cake with a honeycombe biscuit and salted caramel ice cream. The contrast between the sweet and the salty worked in blissful harmony.

The moral of the story is: work trips make you fat and I love it 🙂

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